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TILL Feb-29

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A picture tells a thousand stories... But, which picture?

iSay is an addictive card game of storytelling, bluffing, strategy and guesswork.

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About the game

Choose an illustrated card from your hand, say something about it, then have your friends convince each other one of their card was the one to have inspired you.

Draw inspiration from song lyrics, move titles, expressions, quotes, and more. Will what you say reveal the true card, or will your friends bluff their way to victory?

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Play multiple games with your Facebook friends

It's easy to create games and invite friends through Facebook. Involve 3-7 players per game. Take it in turns to be the Storyteller and instigate new rounds of play.

In-Game Storytelling

Play a Card and Say Something

Choose one of the cards in your hand to comment on. What you say must be vague enough to ensure not everyone will be able to tell which card is yours, but also not too obscure resulting in no one picking it. Sound challenging? It can be.

iSay Card

Beautifully Illustrated Playing Cards

The iSay playing deck features 91 unique cards to be inspired by. Each card is beautifully illustrated and the interpretations are endless. What will they prompt you to say?



and more!

About the competition

The player to create and completed a entire game with the most players wins $50AUD iTunes Gift Card.
The player that shares the most game results on Facebook wins $30AUD iTunes Gift Card.
Competition to win itunes gift cards end 31 August 2013

Other rewards...

Each week, top 200 players who have completed a whole game with most players win 50k iSay coins.
Also the top 200 players who shared the most game results on Facebook win 10k iSay coins.


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